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Faith Organisations
Jimas - PO Box 24
Ipswich Suffolk IP3 8ED

Suffolk Inter-Faith Resource
The Long Street Building c/o University Campus Suffolk
Waterside Building
19 Neptune Quay
Ipswich Suffolk IP4 1QJ


The Team

Board Members
Mojlum Khan (Chair)
Mohammed Mahbub Alam Shamim (Treasurer)
Boshor Ali (Assistant Treasurer)
Mohammed Tunu Miah (Member)
Mohammed Mainul Alam Shahin(Member)
Shoomi Chowdhury (Member)
Mohammed Ahsan(Member)
Iftekhar Alam(Member)

Moshud Ali  (project officer)
Julie Begum (admin officer)


Mojlum Khan  (Chair) is an author, researcher and postgraduate student. He works as a Manager in the Third Sector and is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and Member of Engliah PEN

Mohammed Mainul Alam (Vice-Chair) works as a Manager in the Third Sector and has extensive experience of community and social work. He is a Secretary of Insaan Aid, a charity specialising in development activities in Bangladesh.
Mahbub Alam Shamim (Treasurer) is former Chair of Ipswich Mosque, a founder member of Insaan Aid and many other local community organisations and sports projects. He is well known in the community for organising social, cultural, religious and sports activities. He is a local businessman.
Ahsan Mohammed (Board Member) is the Chair of Newmarket Muslim Centre and is actively involved in community and other social work there. He owns a recruitment agency and is keen to establish a fully-fledged Muslim Centre in his town.
Boshor Ali (Board Member) is the founder and Chair of al-Tazid Trust, which works in Bangladesh funding social and economic initiatives for the poor. He is also Director of Ipswich Bangladeshi Cultural Group and Chair of Bangladeshi Support Centre. He is a prominent local community work and businessman.    
Mohammed Tunu Miah (Board Member) is the Chair of Ipswich Mosque and is actively involved in community work in Ipswich. He works for a local authority and was involved in the development of the Ipswich Mosque.
Moshud Ali (Board Member) has an excellent track record of community work in Ipswich. He has lived most of his life here and works a Community Development Manager in Colchester. He is one of the founders of ISMC.
Iftekhar Alam (Board Member) is the Chair of Lowestoft Muslim Centre and a local politician. He is actively involved in community work there and is also a businessman. He is an MBA.
Shoomi Chowdhury (Board Member) is a postgraduate student and writes regularly on a range of topics. She is actively involved in community work and has an excellent track record of working with female members of the community.
Julie Begum (Admin Officer) is currently also working in other community organisations with Suffolk Refugee Support Forum and volunteering for Leeway domestic violence organisation.

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